Oval face, lion’s wrinkle, nasolabial fold… how to tone them thanks to the massages of the facialist?

The facial specialist, thanks to a very specific massage technique, will tone the muscles of your face.

A natural alternative, without scalpel or injection.

What is a facial massage by a facialist?

″A facialist is an expert specializing in cutting-edge and innovative techniques who begins with a morphofacial diagnosis in order to personalize your treatment (Académie des facilites Paris)”


Our innovative facials help in replumping your skin and giving it a younger and healthier appearance. These facials are suitable for both women and men.

These treatments are entirely manual and will act powerfully and precisely on the face and the neck to rejuvenate the skin.

Practiced on a regular basis, these treatments will help slow the aging process of the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Recommended treatment frequency : once a month.

Price / 95€

A rejuvenating facial massage that combines Shiatsu pressure points technique. Makes the face look more vital and unblocks the facial and neck muscles, relaxing the tensional areas that might cause wrinkles.

Price / 95€

Manual massage, focusing on sculpting and stimulating the face by working on the folds, wrinkles and muscles.

Very stimulating.

Price / 95€

This massage consists of sculpting the face with an intra-oral massage.

By working on the contours of the face, but also on the inside of the mouth where we accumulate tensions, the facialist redraws the volumes and lifts the features.

This massage plumps up perioral wrinkles, nasolabial fold wrinkles and boosts skin microcirculation.

True facelift of the lower 1/3 of the face.


Head massages SKIN Studio and Spa

Head in the clouds 

It’s all in the head…

It’s all on the face…

Everything is reflected in the body…

Price / 95€

Head (Shiro) massage and skull (Griva) massage.
This technique focuses on the face, neck and skull ; acting on body and mind by stimulating energetic points located on the upper end of the body.

Price / 45€

A relaxing, refreshing and more natural alternative to plastic surgery, which lifts the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed and looking your best.