SKIN Studio and Spa

1 Rue de la Maisonnette
85100 Les Sables d’Olonne
SKIN Studio and Spa


In our House, uniqueness is honoured to offer you a unique beauty experience, personalised with complete and adapted treatments.

SKIN Studio and Spa is the very essence of the made-to-measure.

This place combines a Studio and a Spa.

We offers tailored Dermalogica® facials, relaxation, and all the comfort for a total letting-go.

Skin treatments such as Jet Peel® and microneedling are also available.

Personalized massages include Swedish stretching, Energetic Drainage, Balinese, Californianand Abhyanga Ayurvedic.

The soft heat from our hammam will help you relax and release all muscular tensions, stress and anxiety.

Come see us during your stay at la Baie du Vendée Globe.

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Jet Peel ®

Your skin wellness ritual

Unlock the secret to a radiant complexion with the power of skin wellness.

At the core of skin wellness in the ability to enhance the skin’s natural function and protection, promote repair and regeneration, and prevent or reduce the appearance of skin conditions and signs of aging.

Achieving optimal skin wellness requires a holistic approach that addresses both internal and external factors, ultimately leading to an improvement aesthetic technology !


Kobi-do® is a real rejuvenation ritual.

More than a massage, this anti-aging facial treatment offers a lifting, draining, plumping and rejuvenating effect. Originating from Japan, the ancestral gestures of this massage combined with the natural French products stimulate the skin’s microcirculation.

  • This treatment allows a better cellular nutrition,
  • Leaving the skin with a radiant and natural glow.
  • This tailor-made facial massage will rejuvenate your face naturally.

Pro Skin Expert 90

This tailor-made facial treatment will reveal your best skin!

Combining advanced technologies associated with highly concentrated active ingredients, this fully personalized ultimate treatment targets all your skin’s needs by offering you a moment of well-being.

Added to this is the expertise of pulsed current, combined with light therapy and ultrasonic micro-massage for an ultimate combination of feeling and performance.


Personalized face & body experiences massage. 

Draining, relaxing or muscular and leg massage.

  • 5 massages treatment 60 min / 383€
  • 5 massages treatment 75 min / 428€

  • 10 massages treatment 60 min / 723€
  • 10 massages treatment 75 min / 809€