Skin : we treat it all
A Dermalogica exclusivity

at SKIN Studio and Spa Les Sables d’Olonne.

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or a more in-depth treatment, Dermalogica’s professional skin services are completely tailored to your skin’s needs. Get the best skin you’ve ever had with tailored skin treatments by a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist.

Each treatment is tailored to your exact needs for glowing skin and unequaled results.


Well-being, efficacy.

Professional skin services

Compared to your typical facial, the Dermalogica Pro Skin treatment delivers so much more !

Tailored to your skin’s needs on the day, your skin therapist will design your treatment to target your main skin concerns and include wellness touches to aid in relaxation and stress relief.

Enhanced technologies such as microcurrent ultrasonic and LED light therapy may be included alongside professional-grade formulas to deliver superior skin results.

You will be left with radiant, glowing skin and feeling incredibly relaxed.


Pro Skin Treatment

Pro Skin – 30 minutes treatment – 50€

This express treatment combines expertise and results.

Following the double cleansing and diagnosis of the skin, we perform an extraction of comedones or a facial massage. According to your needs. We finish with skin layering combining serum and care cream.

Pro Skin – 60 minutes treatment – 95€

There is a solution for each skin problem with 100% personalized care. This mythical treatment begins with a double cleansing and your skin diagnosis. This is followed by an exfoliation followed by an extraction of comedones to cleanse the skin before taking full advantage of letting go during the face, neck and décolleté massage. The mask application will allow you to enjoy the well-being of a hand massage before finishing with the skin layering.

Pro Skin expert – 50 minutes treatment – 60€

Le soin visage pour assainir la peau grâce au massage ultrasonique.

Retrouvez les bienfaits du Soin Pro Skin 30 auquel s’ajoute un massage ultra-sonique pour une désincrustation profonde. 

Pro Skin expert – 90 minutes treatment – 120€

A complete treatment that combines Spa experience and anti-aging results for a real letting go. Draining and soothing skin treatment, your face is luminous and rested.

All the benefits of a Pro Skin 60 treatment combined with ultrasonic micro-massage and LED treatment.


Pro Power Peel

Experience peeling the Dermalogica way !

A powerfull skin resurfacing treatment to target skin texture, tone, wrinkles and breakouts. your Dermalogica expert will tailor the peel to suit your skin with a unique peeling system comprising of three different acids including Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid. Unlike your typical chemical peel with a one size fits all approach, our peeling system can be mixed and layered for exceptional results.

Peeling Dermalogica®


Pro Power Peel – 30 minutes treatment – 90€

This treatment removes the most superficial layer of the skin in order to stimulate cell renewal, thus improving its texture and appearance.

Pro Power Peel – 60 minutes treatment – 140€

This treatment, in addition to the peeling, will treat your main concerns in depth through the use of ultra-efficient serums and masks! All the benefits of Pro Power Peel 30 plus an in-depth treatment.

Rediscover under your fingers a healthier and smoother skin, a refined skin texture and an even and radiant complexion!

Specific treatments

Pro Neck Flash SKIN Studio and Spa

Pro Neck flash – 20 minutes treatment – 35€

Regenerating neck and decollete treatment.

A real workout for your neck.

This unique treament combines a deep massage with regenrating, smoothing and firming products.

Pro Eye Flash SKIN Studio and Spa

Pro Eye flash – 20 minutes treatment – 35€

A powerful treatment that helps tone, smooth and brighten the eye area through intense stimulation and an infusion of botanical actives.